form is void void is color  

gayarama . joel valabrega


form is void void is color is an artist's book (edition of 33 copies) that juxtaposes photographic images with a narrative about transformation, form and landscape. The labyrinthine structure of the book - defined by elaborate paper engineering - reflects the imaginary content where the observer metaphysically follows a phantasmagorical journey. The 3 heroines - Uma, Dolma and Aiko - move across narrative spaces through constant coloured metamorphosis. The elements (water, fire, air, earth and space) acquire new identities thanks to the characters’ change of perspective. The story is marked by twists and stasis, sudden actions and reflections on landscape. In terms of typesetting, the stylistic mark emphasizes the relationship between form and void through black blocks of bilingual text which are defined within the white of pages. Work began in Pomaia Santa Luce through an adventurous 3 day photo session; near Smolenskaya in Moscow the images turned into an object-book which was then printed in the Milanese suburbs. Simultaneously, in London the artists have re-elaborated the images as an installation of a gigantic book printed and embroidered on textile. Made over a 3 year period from 2017-2020, form is void void is color is a living collaboration between Gayarama's photographic eyes and the research of the curator Joel Valabrega.

Edited by Gayarama e Joel Valabrega
Performed by
          Aiko Cech,
          Dolma Maria Angelina Mantovan,
          Uma Carmen Giurleo Oppedisano
Photography 35 mm: Gayarama
Typesetting: Giulia Pastore
Translation: Jonathan Clancy (ita-en)
Proofreading: Roni Guetta (ita),
          Yvonne Gater (en)
Printing: Paolo Nava Studio
Binding: Giulia Crotti
Realized in Pomaia, Santa Luce, 2017
Conceived in Milan - Moscow, 2018
Printed in Milan June, 2019
Format: 19,8 x 29,7 cm
Paper: Cotton Wove Fedrigoni 120gr.
Cover: Thread-sewn hardcover with
         canvas printed on Offset Press
First edition of 33 copies 


01 Delfino Sisto Legnani 
02 Ronni Campana     
03 Book extract
04 Delfino Sisto Legnani
05 Ronni Campana
06 Book extract
07 Delfino Sisto Legnani
08 Ronni Campana
09 Book extract
10 Ronni Campana
11 Book extract
12 Delfino Sisto Legnani
13 Book extract
14 Ronni Campana

Jonathan Clancy

Gayarama is an independent creative project dedicated to produce limited edition imaginaries, founded by two sisters, the photographer Chiara Dolma Andreuzza and the researcher Gaya Andreuzza. Believing in the collaboration as a form of art, Gayarama is characterized by the use of different kinds of formats and artistic solutions able to give the utmost importance to the image in itself. Working as a kind of family always different but close as a tribe, Gayarama has developed from 2012 projects and ideas through an infinite series of 35mm photos about interaction between people, horizons, geometric shapes, solid colors and landscape. All these elements has been narrated in photographic journeys in Marocco, Italy, Iceland, Burkina Faso, France, Uk, Nepal, India, Indonesia. By combining their eyes duo Gayarama aims to draw alternative paths in the field of imagination.

Joel Valabrega (1991) is an independent curator. She lives and works in Milan. She has a master’s degree in Architecture (Politecnico di Milano and IUAV of Venice). She has worked both for institutional contexts - such as the Hangar Bicocca, the Triennale of Milan and the V-A-C Foundation - and for independent spaces such as THEVIEW Studio. Together with Davide Giannella, Giovanna Silva and Delfino Sisto Legnani she is responsible for the programming of MEGA, a Milanese project space. Between 2018 and 2019 she worked as visiting curator at the V-A-C Foundation, a non-profit institution dedicated to contemporary art based in Moscow and Venice. She is currently part of the curatorial team for the public programme PARLA ASCOLTA GUARDA FAI at the Triennale of Milan. Her curatorial activity is carried out alongside research and collaboration with art magazines.


form is void void is color